“Does weed come in menthol?”. Kush mintz will have you pondering whether the answer to this question is a yes or no. While the minty flavour is only reserved for its taste, its smell sports scent of pine, delicate earth and old school bubble gum. Its taste however, is where this strain gets its name, giving users a unique minty taste balanced with coffee notes.

Origin story

As the love child of Animal Mints and Bubba Kush this strain sports a 50/50 indica sativa hybrid profile. Originating in Southern California Kush Mintz or Kush Mints as its sometimes spelled was created by Seed Junky Genetics.

The Stats

Boasting a 22-24 percent THC content the users of this strain enjoy a highly potent bud with well balanced effects on both mind and body. Kush mintz is loaded with valuable terpenes such as caryophyllene and limonene, along with hints of myrcene and linalool. Carophyllene can be helpful in managing pain given how it can act on the endocannibinoid system in order to provide anti-inflammatory effects. Carophyllene is unique from other cannabis terpenes in that it is the only one to act on our body’s CB2 receptors directly. These receptors are found mainly in our peripheral organs creating a pathway to reduce inflammation for this distinctive terpene.

Terpene Guide

The Effects

Users will experience a euphoric cerebral head high before a rush of tingles moves through the body leaving them feeling relaxed. This leaves a sense of calmness for both the mind and body in addition to an increased appetite.

The Smell and Taste

This strain’s flavour is filled with notes of pine, earth, along with hints of old school bubble gum. Its taste however is where this cannabis strain packs its punch, noted for its mint flavour that is accompanied by notes of coffee and cookies.

Where can I get some?

You can experience this unique strain for yourself by clicking here , don’t forget to use code SOTW420 to save an extra 15 percent on this potent bud.