No weed deserves a spot on strain of the week more than KMAC, given its spot as our most popular strain of cannabis flower amongst customers. This praise is not unfounded however, with this weed boasting an incredibly high THC level users are sure to feel the punch it packs.

Origin Story

Like that kid in school with the hyphenated surname KMAC’s name comes as a combination of both its parents names. The K comes from one of its parent strains Kush Mints where the MAC is acronym from its other parent Miracle Alien Cookies. Bred from two potent 50/50 hybrids KMAC has a similar profile. Born as a passion project from a local Nova Scotia grower KMAC exudes Scotian pride. While there has been many knockoffs of this strain that have popped up Blue Moon sources directly from the original producer which is why our THC levels are so high in comparison to our competitors.

The Stats

After carefully testing our KMAC the THC level came out to be 33.22 percent while our CBD sat at 0.14 percent.  The primary terpenes it boasts are myrcene and carohyllene. In lesser amounts it also contains cedrol and a-bisbolol. While carophyllene is beneficial as a anti-inflammatory as shown by last weeks article, myrcene contains other benefits. Myrcene has been shown to have sedative and anti-anxiety effects, antioxidant properties, along with slowing disease progression. While there is still a lot to learn about this terpene its potential health benefits look promising.

The Effects

As a hybrid KMAC will work on both the mid and body. Users report it to be a relaxing but happy high, resulting in euphoria for some. This weed is a choice cannabis for the user looking to be uplifted. In higher levels users report this strain can be quite sedative.

The Smell and Taste

The taste of this marijuana strain is similar to its parent strains, sporting a cookie, spicy coffee taste with a subtle taste of mint. As for a aroma it contains a very earthy aroma, think pine trees and delicate earth.

Where can I get some?

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