Everyone had their favourite power ranger as a kid but no one could disrespect the purple one. Also known as the Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger this ranger always brought the jungle fury much like the weed named after him. A quick search will make you realize the rarity of this strain and how even rarer the opportunity is to try it.

Origin Story

Much of the origin story of Purple Power Ranger is kept under wraps by its founders. The general consensus is that it is the result of the careful breeding of two high CBD strains causing its high CBD content. This secretive breeding process also resulted in a 70/30 Indica Dominant Hybrid.

The Stats

     Description; Purple Power Ranger Statistics Graphic

Notable is the high CBD profile this strain boasts giving its users a more relaxing experience. Terpene wise this strain is packed with myrcene, carophyllene and limonene each carrying their own unique set of properties.

Myrcene has been shown to have sedative and anti-anxiety effects, antioxidant propertiesalong with slowing disease progression.

Carophyllene on the other hand interacts with the body in one of the most unique ways. It is the only terpene known to interact independently on the body’s CB2 receptors found in the peripheral organs. Carophyllene can be helpful in managing pain given how it can act on the endocannibinoid system through this unique pathway in order to provide anti-inflammatory effects. Its ability to induce antiviral properties through this pathway have also shown promising results which we recommend reading more on through the above linked study. The unique methods by which carophyllene interacts on our system along with its positive safety profile make it a wonderful terpene for cannabis consumers to seek.

Lastly, limonene has a unique set of benefits as well. The most well known of these on the psychoactive side are elevated mood amd stress relief. Some of this stress relief may be a result of its ability to reduce the anxiety causing effects of THC. On the physical and systemic side of things limonene is capable of antifungal as well as antibacterial properties. Its more long term positive effects don’t stop there, however with recent research even pointing to its neuroprotective potential.

The Smell and Taste

This unique marijuana strain sports a very berry flavor, smokers will find that this cannabis has notes of sweet cherry, grape, along with floral hints. The smoke of this will go down very smooth unlike the harsh reaction that accompanies many other strains.

The Effects

Due to the high CBD content, users will feel a relaxing but yet uplifting affect, along with an increase in appetite. Its carophyllene content makes it an ideal strain for pain management. Another great benefit of its high CBD content is its anti anxiety effects which is further augmented by its myrcene content. These anti anxiety properties are also beneficial for weed users of high THC products since they can counteract the anxiety causing effects from some of these strains, when used in conjunction.

Our recommendations

It has been said that CBD often counterbalances the negative affects of THC, it is our recommendation that you try using this strain simultaneously with one of our high THC products for an optimal user experience. Also, through its limonene content it can have a synergistic effect in reducing the anxiety that accompanies high THC strains. 

Where can I get some?

If you’re looking to order this unique and rare cannabis strain online within Canada, click here. We offer mail order cannabis products online to all provinces within Canada such as Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswkick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC.

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