As you walk into a donut store your sense of smell becomes overwhelmed with the sugary baked goodness of fresh donuts. This is the best analogy to describe the smell that hits your nose as you open a fresh bag of powdered donuts. Giving consumers a cerebral yet relaxed high this strain is great for a relaxed evening.

Origin Story

Created as a cross between Jet Fuel Gelato and Orange Cookies this strain was destined to inheret the sweet flavour of its parents.  This breeding results in an 50/50 hybrid.

The Cold Hard Stats

Powdered Donuts is sure to impress cannabis enthusiasts with not only it’s high THC content but also its unique terpene profile.

On the cannibinoid side its most dominant compounds are THC along with CBC (Cannabichromene).


THC being the psychoactive compound found in weed works by interacting with the brains reward systems. The mechanism by which it works is releasing dopamine which gives feelings of euphoria and a sense of relaxation. THC also interacts with the endocannibinoid system where it will reduce pain as well as inflammation in addition to other effects. One of the effects that comes from this interaction is the increased appetite many experience when consuming cannabis.

  One of the major benefits of CBC (cannabichromene) is its ability to reduce pain. It has been shown especially useful for those experiencing pain from collagen induced osteoarthritis. Research has also shown when coupled with THC CBC has been shown to reduce pain more than either cannibinoid would by itself.


Powdered Donuts contains a unique blend of terpenes responsible for its unique smell. The two terpenes that are most prevelant in this strain are linalool and carophyllene with myrcene and nerolidol following closely behind.

Nerolidol is a lesser known and discussed terpene however it is still packed with many benefits. One benefit it posseses is its ability to protect against oxidative stress working as a antioxident. Like linalool nerolidal has also shown antimicrobial properties. Its most coveted benefit however is its sedative and anti-anxirty effects. It has even been found to be present mostly in strains associated with reducing anxiety.

The Smell and Taste

As the name implies the smell of this delicious bud hit the nose with sweet citrus scents. The pleasure to the senses does not stop there however this bud contains a similar taste with notes of sweet fruit. In addition this strain is something to behold visually, with it’s sticky trichomes covered marijuana buds.

The Effects

This strain will hit you with a cerebral but relaxed high early on. Rather than being an overly head felt high Powdered Donuts leaves consumers relaxed and anxiety free but still energized. This will later transition to feelings of tiredness and increased appetite that is more typical of an indica cannabis strain. That is the uniqueness that is this great strain, you can get the upbeat feeling of a sativa early on without the anxiety or paranoia along with a later high resembling a great evening couch locked high of an indica.

Our Recommendations

This strain is great for those looking for an energized cerebral high without the added anxiety. Perfect for early evening use this strain will give an added lift of spirits early on while still keeping the experience relaxed.

Where Can I Get Some?

If you’re wanting to get your hands on some Powdered Donuts to try for yourself you can find this cannabis strain online within Canada by  clicking here. We offer discreet mail order cannabis products online to all provinces within Canada such as Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswkick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC.

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