When shopping for your favourite candy or soda pop which is the flavour that everyone seems to gravitate to? Grape. Grape Mintz is among our most popular strains for a reason. Not just the flavour it packs but also the high quality of effects it produces.

Origin story

Grape Mintz or as it is sometimes called “Sour Grapes” is a sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain. Usually found under the moniker Grape Stomper this unique strain is the result of a cross between JojoRizo’s Purple Elephant and breeder Elite Seeds’ Chemdawg Sour Diesel. This particular breeding results in a strain that is 70 percent sativa dominant.

An image showing the lineage of grape mintz

The Cold Hard Stats

A graphic summarizing the stats for Grape Mintz

   This sativa dominant marijuana strain boasts a high THC content ranging from 26-29 percent. While containing a low CBD content this strain won’t leave you hanging with it’s CBG content of 1 percent.

   Considered a specialty among cannibinoids CBG can work for those that don’t find relief of the usual symptoms CBD can be useful for such as pain, insomnia, and anxiety. By working on both the CB1 and CB2 receptors CBG can help cannabis consumers derive benefits in a wider array of systems that range from bone marrow to the immune system.

    Carrying beta-myrcene (as myrcene is often called) as its dominant terpene this strain benefits from benefits ranging from antioxidant properties to slowing disease progression. Its benefits do not end there however research has found myrcene to be beneficial as a muscle relaxant as well as a sedative. Speaking of muscles, Myrcene may also be beneficial for those who want to build muscle through its ability to decrease the expression of inflammatory and catabolic genes. Along with the host of benefits already mentioned it also has shown to increase glucose tolerance in rat studies showing it as a potential aid to those with diabetes. Being the dominant terpene in Grape mints medicinal cannabis consumers along with recreational weed users ranging from Halifax, to other parts of Canada and the world will surely benefit from its use.

  The uniqieness of how carohyllene works its what makes it shine. It is the only terpene known to interact independently on the body’s CB2 receptors found in the peripheral organs. Carophyllene can be helpful in managing pain given how it can act on the endocannibinoid system through this unique pathway in order to provide anti-inflammatory effects. Its ability to induce antiviral properties through this pathway have also shown promising results which we recommend reading more on through the above linked study. The unique methods by which carophyllene interacts on our system along with its safety profile makes it a one of the best terpenes for cannabis consumers to seek.

   Limonene has a unique set of benefits as well. The most well known of these on the psychoactive side are elevated mood amd stress relief  giving and entourage effect with the other benefits from this strain. Speaking of entourage effect when paired with myrcene it helps to futher increase its anti-inflammatory as well anticatablic properties through its ability to regulate negative gene expression and enhace positive gene expression. Some of this stress relief may be a result of its ability to reduce the anxiety causing effects of THC.

     On the physical and systemic side of things limonene is capable of antifungal as well as antibacterial properties. Its more long term positive effects don’t stop there, however with recent research even pointing to its neuroprotective potential.

Linalool although considered a minor terpene still offers users several benefits. Most of these are derived from its physchoactive potential, a rarity among terpenes. Preliminary research has shown linalool to be effective in helping many mental ailments such as depression, anxiety and insomnia. This study also revealed the other benefits of linalool for many diseases such as Alzheimer’s with it’s neuroprotective benefits.

The dominant terpene in this strain is myrcene particular along with carophyllene. The wide ranging effects of myrcene especially in the prescence of limonene make this strain a medinal marijuana users dream.

The Smell and Taste

A trichomes glistening  bud of grape mints ready for harvest

   Due to its parent strains Grame Mints smokers can expect to experience a grape taste acommpanied by mint as well as the sour diesel that it pulls from its parent strain Chemdawg Sour diesel. Its grape flavour has gained quite the following with some manufacturers even using it to make grape flavouring for smoke products. This grape flavour contains both a sweet and sour taste every user should at least give a try. From an aroma perspective buyers should expect an smell with earthy, grape, candy, sweet and sour notes.

The Effects

Grape mints consumers should expect a very uplifting, euphoric and energizing high. Users can expect a boost is focus to go along with the socialable high. Its often termed as a morning strain and anyone who has used this strain can see why.

Our recommendations

Given the uplifting and energizing nature of this strain we recommend it for those looking for a strain they can use in the morning and throughout the day. It could also be a great strain of choice for any social gatherings. Our strain of the week last week Purple Power Ranger and its high CBD content may act as a good pairing to this strain to reduce to even out the heavy energizing effects that it is host to.

Where can I get some?

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