While live resin is extracted using solvents such as butane  and propane live rosin uses a solventless process. This process, although it takes longer produces a more natural product that some consumers may lean towards due to their wellness lifestyle.

Terpenes did you say?

You have probably by now heard the buzz around terpenes if you have shopped for weed recently. This compounds are responsible for the smell and flavours of the cannabis product. It does not stop there however, they have also been found to enhance the effects of cannibinoids and even include some of their own benefits independent of the effects of cannabis. Examples of these include Beta-caryophyllene which has been shown to activate your CB2 receptors which mediate pain through the central nervous system. Another terpene linalool has shown anti-depressent and sedative like activity.

How do I get more of these terpenes?

Live rosin is extracted using live plants that are frozen rather than dried and cured plants. By using this process it helps to keep the terpenes and trichomes in tact. This results in a more flavourful and terpene packed resin that retains the flavour from the original marijuana plant. When plants aren’t flash frozen such as they are with live rosin the natural flavors and aromas have already began to dissipate by the time the extraction process begins. Through the curing process flowers can lose as much as 60 percent of their natural terpenes through evaporation.

Trichomes glistening on a bud of cannabis

The Result

The result with live rosin is you get a product not only packed with terpenes but also one that is processed without the use of chemical solvents. This gives you a premium cannabis extract product that will give you the natural high the plant intended. You can find this unique premium product here