MycoLabs Protocol – Easy to Follow Monthly Plan

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The MycoLabs Protocol

After countless inquiries and tons of feedback from our customers and ‘Kind Mind’ partners; we’re thrilled to offer a simple and easy to follow monthly protocol that will synergize two of the most powerful nootropic mushrooms know to man. Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms) and Lion’s Mane (>30 Beta-Glucan extract).

Many users who follow this protocol have found the benefits to be life changing.

Commonly used to help:

  • Depression, Anxiety, PTSD
  • Increased focus & Flow State
  • Feeling of overall well being
  • Inflammation, Ulcers, Stimulates the Immune System

This protocol was inspired by renown mycologist Paul Stamets and has been used with significant success by a growing number of people that are experiencing these afflictions. For depression, anxiety PTSD & ADD we recommend using this protocol in conjunction with talk therapy from a professional for maximum results.

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